We are an experienced plumbing company that works in Campsbay,Seapoint,Houtbay,Clifton,Greenpoint and surrounding areas and the whole of Cape Town Region.

About Us

We have a team of plumbers that works - two shifts- 8:00 am till 6:00 pm and 6:30pm till 5:00 am we also have a fully equipt workshop that caters for specialised works.The property maintenance team works 24 h all areas within the Western Cape.

Property Maintenance Services

We work with various municipalities to assist with your sewerage and watermains installations on your new house or extentions,additions etc.We also issue compliance certificates for plumbing and electrical.

Construction Plumbing Services

Our team of experienced and qualified plumbers work all areas within the Western Cape Area-domestic-commerical and industrial plumbing services.

Quality Services

Friendly Staff

Call us on Tel office hours: 087-711-0441 and After hours-Mobile : 068 225-5728.

Work All Areas

Reasonable Rates.

Our Call out fees are the lowest priced in Cape Town even reasonable prices on labour.

Property Maintenance


We have a 24hour maintenance team that work all hours for emergency maintenance works.

Construction Plumbing

Bathroom Renovations

We are specialist in bathroom and kitchen renovations.Qualified plumbers.

Our What we do




Rubble Removal





Alluminium Windows

Sliding Doors


Laminated Flooring